A new podcast? You can’t be Sirius!

Last month I wrote about The Jodcast and some of my favourite memories from being involved with the show. That post was inspired by participating in Jodcast Live – a recording of the podcast in front of a live audience, the result of which has now been released.

Jodcast Live reminded me of how much I loved podcasting, and how much I’ve missed doing it for the last  few years. It turns out that Dave, Mark, Megan and Stuart felt the same way, so we decided to make a new podcast! It’s called Seldom Sirius and episode one (mp3) was released earlier this week.

Our plan with Seldom Sirius is to record a show with an informal vibe, a lighthearted show that feels like we’re just sitting in the pub chatting about astronomy. This is what we do anyway when we all get together, we’re just unfortunately spread out around the country these days so don’t get to do it very often! If this sounds like the kind of thing that you’d like to listen to, then you can find us at www.seldomsirius.net, on twitter, and on facebook. Please do check it out 🙂

The Seldom Sirius mission patch, created by Stuart Lowe.

The Seldom Sirius mission patch, created by Stuart Lowe.


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