Wario’s adventure in Jodrell Land

[Message from Jen: Wario had access to parts of Jodrell Bank that are only accessible to researchers at the Observatory. If you want information about visiting Jodrell Bank as a member of the public then please see the Discovery Centre website…]

I’ma Waaario! If you’ve been following Jen on twitter for some time, you may be familiar with me. My devious distraction techniques enabled endless procrastination for Jen and her office mates during their PhDs. Two weeks ago I was liberated from JBCA following a cunning and devious plan by Jen, and decided to stowaway in her car to see what mischief I could get up to the next day. Here’s what happened…


The car has stopped, I wonder where I am… Wherever this is, it looks like they get pretty bad satellite TV reception here to need a dish that big! Better take a selfie, I hear they’re the rage these days.



Ah ha!



Time for some light reading. Glad to see they’ve got my favourite journal in. Now’s where that classic paper from 2008 on how astronomers suckered over 100000 people into doing their work for them?!



Jen and collaborators have left the building to sneak into the SKA headquarters for some decent coffee (a dastardly plan that I approved of!) but left laptops open. What a rookie mistake! I’ve heard lots of people talk about ‘rm *’ over the years, I wonder what it does…



This is more like it!





Found another telescopemajiggy. Looks like they missed a spot when they painted it…


No idea why there’s a big bell here but I’d better ring it to check that everyone’s still awake on a Friday afternoon. It’s for their own good! Ah hahahaha…


Bagsied the controller’s chair while his back was turned. Now where’s that big red button?!



Time to sneak back into the car for the long drive south. I wonder what mayhem I can make at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

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