A blog post about not writing blog posts

Ooops, I just realised I haven’t updated this in over a month so sorry to anyone who actually reads this! In my defense I was really busy at the end of April and then May seems to have just sped along and suddendly it’s the middle of the month. At least, I assume it’s the middle of May because we released a Jodcast episode this week! Sometimes I think that without the Jodcast I would have no idea what time of year it was.

So instead of updating this blog I have: presented my work at two conferences (Beamed and unbeamed gamma-rays from galaxies in Muonio, Finland and the National astronomy meeting in Llandudno, Wales); produced the May episode of the Jodcast; finally attended a Space Lecture at Intech; written ~5 more pages of my thesis and most importantly, tried to finish the paper I’ve been working on for months (with my supervisor and Mike Peel). Mike has promised me a present if we submit the paper to a journal by Friday so hopefully then I will blog about it!

Regardless of the fate of my paper, I will have a new science-y blog post written very very soon but I thought I should justify my absence from blogging. June is going to be pretty exciting for me as I’m taking part in I’m a scientist, get me out of here! and helping to organise an evening astronomy event at the Museum of Science and Industry on June 15 based around the lunar eclipse. Hopefully these events will prompt me to blog more, although they might just take up all my free time instead…


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