New Year’s Resolution

I know I’m more than a month and a half late but part of my new year’s resolution this year was to start blogging so here I am (finally). Hopefully this will become a place where I will ramble on about astronomy in more than 140 characters. And in case anyone is wondering, the main reason I chose blogger over wordpress is that I couldn’t get!

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while now but the final push for me was that I’ve started to properly write my thesis. I need to explain a lot of different astrophysics in my thesis, and I figured that if I could explain these concepts to a general audience through a blog, I would understand them better myself. That’s the theory anyway. Ask me in September if it worked! Plus I tend to spend 7 hours on a train nearly every other weekend so I thought I could put this time to better use than trying to get through Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series for a second time.

I imagine that it will be a few days before my first proper post as I try to make this blog look a bit more like my website. In the mean time, if you are desperate to know what I’m thinking, head over to twitter.


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